Ali Kahan Bin Ahmad
Thank you so much for the cash reward. Never thought there is a reward like this. Will tell/share with my friends & relatives about the ACRP. I will always booked my hotel via Asiatravel.com.
Mr James Patrick Kelly
I appreciate very much the professional service we have received. Your reward program is the very reason I decided to book with you. We will use your service again in the future.
Mr Hsiao Wei WU
Asiatravel.com offer very competitive prices, Cash Reward Program is for people who need to frequently set the hotel. I am pleased to recommend it to all who need it.
Mr Hemant Dholakia
pleasant surprise , Very happy to receive such cash back reward. This will certainly keep the loyalty of customers like me. Thanks for thinking of us.
Mr Hemant Dholakia
pleasant surprise , Very happy to receive such cash back reward. This will certainly keep the loyalty of customers like me. Thanks for thinking of us.
Ms Travel SMG
fast response and instant online booking confirmation, received cash reward upon few bookings
Ms Sue Parker
thank you very much for your prompt an deficient response. I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends
Mr Mohamed Rashan Sultan
The ACRP is one of the main reasons i come back to Asiatravel.com overtime to book. Its an added bonus.
Mr Ajay Singh
Thank you very much for the cash rewards. This was my first booking with Asia travel and i am very much satisfied with my decision to add Asia travel as my travel partner, From now on all my booking will be done by Asia Travel only. P.S. Hotel was also very nice(oriental palace apartment hotel-Dubai) which i found and booked with Asia travel. I wish you a wonderful journey,keep doing the good work!
Mr Chauvin Jacques
Thank you for the cash reward it's much better than a reduction on the next booking. it was a nice surprise, and I will book with you next time.
Ms Mary Ann Favie
I am very much satisfied with the service provided by Asiatravel. From booking to arrival, I never had any problems. It has always been a smooth convenient experience. And the cash reward program is the icing on top of the cake, thumbs up to Asiatravel!
Ms Lydia Figueroa
Thank you very much! asia travel is the best online travel agent. easy to book, ammendments and the customer service is very approachable. thank you very much for the cash rewards thank you God bless you Lydia C. Figueroa Silverstrand travel and tours Manila , Philippines
Mark Denvill V. Denoyo
its great that after all the savings and wonderful tour packages i availed from asiatravel, i will still be receiving a cash reward. looking forward to see it in my credit card statement.
Mr sayed hasan
I am happy that I can take my cridet even after a years of using asiatravel, I am going to use asiatravel soon, thanks
Mr Andy Hermawan Tjondrodihardjo
Asia Travel is the best online travel service company, very reliable, efficient and always give competitive offers to the clients. Highly recommended to all travelers.
Ms Irina Demidova
Was pleasantly surprised by the bonus program. Did not believe that the money is actually coming back. But they really came to my credit card! Thank you! I will use your services again!
Ms Lydia Figueroa
Thank you very much for the cash rewards. We continue booking with you all our travel needs. The more you book, the more you earn cash rewards. Happy selling! God bless you to all the asia travel team.
Sin Fook Seng
I am happy that now the ACRP actually reward cash into my credit card. This will keep my loyalty to continue booking my travel needs with Asiatravel.
Mr lissi Pfahl
A wonderful program that actually pays back and makes me prefer to do all my bookings with Asiatravel.com. Thank you!
Excellent Honest Service !
Thank you Asia travel
Syed Mohamed Ibrahim
Thank you for your professional services, I found Asia travel a friendly and easy travel booking services so far, I managed to get rooms even in place when there was no booking available direct through hotels and other booking websites, I believe Asia travel have good tie ups and better allocation with hotels connected to it, please keep up the good services and full thumps up for Asia travels.
Honis Leonardi
Thank you, Asiatravel for your ACRP! It is a great program and as your loyal customer, I appreciate the gesture of rewarding your customers. I will keep using Asiatravel whenever I travel to Singapore as I always find good rates through Asiatravel. However, other countries' rates are still slightly higher. Perhaps Asiatravel could take this into consideration. Thank you!
Ms Lina Taslim
I don't have any comments about the Asiatravel Cash Reward Program (ACRP) at this time, thank you. Overall we satisfied with AsiaTravel.
Mr Prem Chhabria
excellent points system
Yang Yoong Teh
Excellent service and program. More should participate for the reward.
Ms Noraini Samad
Thank you for the Cash Reward. Wish to receive earlier and more. We had been booking through Asiatravel.com for more than 10 years. Now, we will compare prices with other operators like Hotels.com, Booking.com to get best price before confirming bookings. Thank you.
Excellent kind of reward to the loyal customer! Keep it up! 3x cheers!
Tin Maung Win
Dear Asia Travel, Sorry for my late response as I was on oversea trip recently. Thank you very much to your Asiatravel Cash Reward Program (ACRP) which have credited cash reward back into my account. The cash reward program is very efficient. I don't need to do anything. When I was told that the cash reward will be credited to my account, the money is already in my account. Thanks again Asia travel.
Mr Maxime Roussel
Nice program, nice agency.
I am very satisfied with Asia Travel. Every time I book hotel, attractions..they are all in good prices. Quick service. Very cooperate and understanding and helpful. Very professional. Thank you so much for making my traveling easier.
Shelley Tan
Services rendered for hotel reservation and air tickets reservation with your Hong Kong office is prompt and good. Keep it up. Look forward to more choices of hotel and good pricing.
Mr Ibraheem Alsabt
I always enjoyed your cash reward program and found some of the best hotel rates through Asiatravel.com
Ms Yew-Wooi Foo
What a lovely surprise, most unexpected. I'd book my holiday accommodation with Asiatravel.com again and would recommend this website to my friends. THANK YOU.
Mr Hasan Wongso
The best membership program rewards!! When other travel agent give free night for the reward, I'd rather choose cash reward. I will love to use Asia travel again for my first pick when Im travelling.
Melissa Fung
The ACRP is a very good program. It really benefits me as a customer and the cash reward process is simple and direct. I would definitely recommend my friends to book through Asiatravel and be a member. Regards, Melissa
Mr Jameson Lee
Good incentive program to retain loyal customers with asiatravel
Mr M.Hamidul Islam Islam
I frequently travel to Malaysia and have been using Asia Travel for Hotel booking. I am satisfied with the services and promptness. I have received cash rewards to my account without any hassle, its easy! I wish Asia Travel office was open for us 24hrs/day without break.
Mr Jin Ken Lee
The Cash Reward Program is a rather Good initiative to reward loyal customers. Thanks for the incentive!
Chan Sau Choy
It's really an incentive for frequent travelers looking for reasonable hotel rates and yet at same time able to earn rewards through this programme.
Mr Yulia Pratiwi Dzulkarnain
Thanks Asia Travel for the cash rewards, i never thought the process would be so simple and fast.. the most important, this is for real, not just as promotional strategy. I always satisfied with your service and good price.
Honis Leonardi
I've always been booking hotels through Asia Travel website for years. I travel fairly often, about once a month, and whenever there is an upcoming trip I will always check Asia Travel website first for deals on hotels. So far, I have not been disappointed. There is always deals like "crazy rate" whereby hotel locations are strategic and my stays at those hotels which were booked through Asia Travel have been pleasant so far. The ACRP is a fantastic programme to reward frequent and loyal customers. And I have been lucky enough to be rewarded the same. I am satisfied with the service I have received so far and I will continue using Asia Travel for my future travels! Best regards, Honis Leonardi
Mohammed alaqil
Thank you for your cooperation
Great booking with asiatravel. You can receive cash rewards. Thumbs!
Great. I will recommend this website to my friends.
It would be most appreciated if we could receive more rewards from your company.
Muhammad Ahsan Wali
This is a nice gift and I would like to book more through Asia Travel. One suggestion is that try to more booking options like extra bed etc. Thanks
Mr Jeffrey Ceniza
This is one way of thanking your avid customers for the support. Thanks for this too.
Mr Balachander Dhakshinamoorthi
Asia travel remains my favorite travel portal and it is trustworthy
Ms Hie Hee Lau
I'm glad that the response is fast and efficient. However, it would be better if the reward is given automatically to the customers as most of us aren't checking whether we has satisfied the requirements. Other than that, thanks for cash reward program that makes us feel good for this travellers' website.
Ms dian lestari
never thought that this is true... just booked some rooms for me and some friends, then apply for the program.In a few weeks, they credit the cash back to my credit card.I got $146 on my acc anyway. thanks
Mr Paul Low
Asiatravel is a very reliable and efficient .com to get hotel bookings. We have good relationship for more than 5 years. They are equally good at personal contact services when help needed. I like their reward program which is sincere and straight forward to their frequent user.
Shuaib Kaniyar
Thank You very much :)
Mr Seyed Mohammadreza Mallak Behbahani
It was good great! That's why I am your regular client since 2003 for over than 10 years! Cheers
Thank you for your prompt reply regards to the cash rewards to be credited to my credit card account. You helped me a great deal. It is a great feeling to receive such cash reward for the booking and I appreciate your giving it public as a cash rewards recognition program. Your suggestions(ACRP)enable us to remember forever. Cheers.
James McMullan
Great service, easy booking, best prices and a cash back Reward to top it off/ Thanks Asia Travel
Mr M. Darezchandra Yachmien
dear Asiatravel, thanks to AsiaTravel so riveting that will concern in giving the award to me, happy to be working in terms of travel division, and it was very satisfying to me and will continue to travel again to remember always AsiaTravel. thank you for the reward ... from my affectionate greetings.
Ms Cathrina Lim
I salute Asiatravel for their outstanding Cash Reward Program. I always log-in whenever I book or even just check rates so I am sure that all my bookings will be recorded and I am impressed that Asiatravel informed me through email that I am already qualified for a reward! I am just grateful they took initiative of informing me as a customer and I didn't have to count my bookings myself. The process was pretty easy online, I am able to provide my details in less than 5 minutes! And thanks again for informing me that you credited it into my bank account! I am your customer for life!
mohamed sanad
This is very nice and it will boost asiatravel among customers. keep improving services.
samsudin samaun
Thank you very much to ACRP.
Mr mustafa sokucu
Tank you asia travel
Mr Thierry Huz
The ACRP is very efficient. Thanks for this service.
Honis Leonardi
Dear Asiatravel, Thank you for the reward, we are pleased with the availability of this reward programme to honour your loyal customers. So far, I have been very pleased with the services you have provided. I will continue using your services. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours to a better future for Asiatravel! Keep up the good work and I look forward to better deals in the future! Regards, Honis Leonardi
Mr long ha quang
Asiatravel Cash Reward Program is very good, I will continue to use Asiatravel services later, but Asiatravel should improve payment process for people have this Reward faster in the future.
Liew T T
This cash reward program has indeed encouraged us to stay with your company. It is a good incentive program.
Mr mustafa sokucu
thank you asia travel.
Mr Eddy Yohannes
Quick, and easy procedure. Keep up the good work.
Mr Shamsul Alam
First of all, I do appreciate your ACRP program. This will help to promote your services to the patrons who will be more encourage to book through your company. Please keep it up! Thank you & wish your big success in the coming days. Shamsul Alam
F Denton-Powell
I like your reward scheme and it is one of the reasons I book with Asia Travel when travelling in Asia. Above this, I have found your service excellent and most of the hotels above average. I particularly like your positive responses to problems when I have called on the phone to address a problem at a hotel. You have never let me down in over 6 years of transactions. FRANK DENTON-POWELL UK
Dennis Chan
I like this program very much as I am a repeat user on hotel booking at Asiatravel.
agita nusapati
I earned hundreds of S$ for the trip I have made, it is always a pleasure to get something back as a reward. So far I'm happy with asiatravel.com and has been my choice for long time. The cash reward is another beautiful icing on the cake.
John Ang
thank u asiatravel for cash reward program
Mr Man Kit Wong
Thank you for the incentive program! It will be great if it can last for longer period and cover more area i.e. more hotels and restaurants etc.
Pimjai Viboolmeth
I really happy with the booking at Asiatravel. The price is compatible, customer service is great. I also enjoy the Asiatravel Cash Reward Program.
Mr Cheng Kwan Wee
Very good rewards programme. will continue fullyly support Asiatravel...
Peter Andreyev
Excellent program and impressed with how fast the credit was made! Asiatravel has me as a customer for life!
Hendry Kuswandi
This is a fantastic program! I have claimed the reward for the third time and it was credited instantly without any delay.
Colin Lloyd
Thank you for my reward , arrived in bank on 24 February. Unfortunately I had to cut short my holiday due to ill health, but I hope to travel East again and will not hesitate to contact Asiatravel.com in the future, Colin Lloyd.
Mr Bernad Sitorus
Awesome!! I got $ 62,65 from asiatravel cash reward program. Will definately make hotel reservation again through asiatravel. Thank you asiatravel.
Mr Richard Lam
This is certainly an attractive programme and I feel grateful that Asiatravel recognises my loyalty with this CRP. I will certainly remain a loyal customer whenever I need to travel. Thank you
Mr Joseph Ooi
In addition to the great deals on hotels & appartments, this Cash Reward Program helps to encourage loyal customers.
Ms Jesica Leo
Thanks for your reply and feed back. Asiatravel is the best. And always success to you. Regards, Jesica
Ms Janie Faith Salud
The customer service is superb! for my first reward, i had overlooked the email asking for my credit card detail as the email was directly forwarded to my junk mails so I asked the customer service to re-open/extend my reward and it was extended immediately. Keep up the good work! :)
Mr Vishal Manghani
It's good to receive rebate of what we've spent.
Mr Andrew Leung
convenience and easy for me to book my hotel at last min travel.
sandeep grover
good job. keep it up.
Mr Bartholomew Pang
Thank you for making the reward claim so simple. I've only been Asiatravel regular 2-3 years and this is my 4th claim. Makes sense to stick to Asiatravel with the reasonable prices and huge selections available.
John Ang
Thank u very much for the cash reward , i will continue using asiatravel to book for hotels
Ms Ghech Ly Ly
Thank you very much for your kind assist, very good service!
Mr Kenneth Go
... not only do we get the cheapest hotel bookings and most of the time there are always available slots, but we also get cash rebates.
Mr Roshan Thimmaiah
Asiatravel.com not only offers the best-of-the-best deals in the markets with a combination of Flights & Hotels + Package offers but also handsomely Rewards its Members with 'Cash Rewards & Cash Paybacks' very promptly for availing their Services unlike any other Hotel & Flight Services Providers. For more info and to get cash rewards, please check 'Asiatravel.com Cash Reward Program'. Thanks / Roshan Singapore
thank you for Cash Reward Program (ACRP)
Al Qayyum Mafaudzil
Thanks for the cash reward!
Very Satisfied with the ACRP that Asiatravel.com offers. Prices between the competitors are very similar and am surprised Asiatravel provided some sort of Cash Reward. I was prompt to give my credit card details and didn't how to. Thus I sent an email and within the next hour Ive got a reply and instructions were taught to me on how to login etc. After everything's done, I remembered had a debit amount on my credit when I didn't expect it to be that efficient. Impressed with my overall experience with Asiatravel and will definately support you when it comes to online booking of hotel rooms !
Mr Bengt Larsson
I can preferred you as Travel Partner
Mr tatsuya takahashi
Every time, it is convenient for us to make a urgent business trip. It is appreciated your great supports.
Mr Murugan Muthusamy
offering a cash reward will motivate me and my family members to use your website whenever we plan to book for a hotel. Many thanks for your great services
Rajendra Yadav
After booking of Hotels, I forgot that I am a member of ACRP. Then one fine(!) morning I received a mail (which actually went to spam)regarding the cash reward and after giving details of my credit card, the amount was credited to my card within a weeks time. Really amazing. I treat this as a bonus for myself. Thanks to AsiaTravel.
Mr Enrico Balmelli
I am very happy in the way you handle my bookings as always your prices are always extremely competitive and the variety of hotels and destinations are extremely wider which make us travellers an easy exercise in picking up the hotels. Do please keep up with the good job. Warmest regards, Enrico Balmelli
Mr Jawad Hai
Excellent customer service, excellent deals which is why i keep coming back yo you guys. thanks guys!!
Asiatravel always offer good hotel rate, I book hotels thru AT very often. With Cash Reward Program will encourage me to keep booking hotel more thru AT. I like this program.
Mr Bernie Kelly
I like the program, from your companies point of view you might be better to allow customer to put the amount towards future booking. All in all it is a good program.
Thank you so much. u have excellent service.
Asiatravel.com is the best trevel in the world. Thanks
Mr eddy sim
Thank you.
Ms Bee (Bibby) Yow
Always prompt and professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Mr Vladislav Kokuev
Thank you!!! Asiatravel Cash Reward Program really works! I have received 65 dollars back!
Mr Sanan Sharifov
The program is encouraging! why do i receive a 5 % cash reward in SGD not in the currency i actually pay,i mean for example if i have to be paid 5% for 100usd i have paid for a booking i am paid 5sgd not 5usd? Thank you very much!
ian worthington
OK thank you. yes it's a good idea to preomote customer loyalty. I have been using Asiatravel for the past 5 years.
Mr Gopinath Radhakrishnan
I appreciate the outstanding service provided by you, I was even updated about my booking by your local office in dubai. Your staff was very attentive and helpful. I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very satisfied with my bookings. I will continue to book hotels and flights in the future, as well as recommend it to others. The cash back is added on top of your good service.
Mr Mohamed alkammash
Nice Thanks
Mr Binoy Issac
asia travel is the best online booking agent. its convenient and receives instant confirmations even by email. ACRP is also a great reward program and we are benefitting on the same. Thank you once again.
Mr Albert Cheung
your services are excellent
Ms Ronalyn Serna
Continue your good service. Thanks
Ms Cynthia Evangelista
Your doing a great job with this Cash Reward Program, hats off to people behind this. Will book all our future travel to asiatravel.com. I'm happy to receive my rebates.
Mr Lai Yet Weng
Indeed a very good loyalty program, however it takes a bit long in terms of processing from the point the 12th room night is achieved
Thank you for such excelent Program which realy make loility for the customer in using Asia Travel as tarvel Partner for booking Flights, Hotel...etc. I am glad to be one of your members.
Ms jasmine soliman
i very think ful to asian travel to to give my reward
simon tan
good. i don't expect there is money return.
Mr Franz Haberl
Thank you for the cash reward, I will further book all hotels trough your website. I am very happy with your service. Kind regards Franz Haberl
Mr Richard Lam
The ACRP is certainly a great incentive for me to continue using Asia Travel as my first resource whenever I make my hotel reservations online.
Mr Joana Wee
very satisfy with the cash reward program.. But some hotels are not included in the Cash reward program..
Ms Farah Farhati
I was surprise when I got Exciting News from Asiatravel about received cash reward. Thank you Asiatravel, your service was excellent, the web friendly use and costumer service had quick respond.
Mr Haitham Abdullah Al Zakwani
First of all I would like to thank Asia Travel for the wonderful ACRP. I would like to suggest that why you don’t make something different like the following: 1- 1 free night stay at selected hotel as per customer choice. 2- 15 to 20% discounting in Air ticket 3- Dinner for 2 in selected restaurant 4- Discounting in club membership in selected area or any other offers that is suitable for Asia Travel
Ms Gladys Oh
Thank you very much for the cash reward. Even though it comes after our trip, it serves as a good discount to me. I appreciate it.
Mr Chandra Widhiartha
I am very happy happy with this program and the way to claim it is also very easy. Two thumbs up for Asia Travel.
I already received the rewards, thanks a lot.
ACRP is good.Keep it up.
Wak Chai Law
This [ACRP] came as a surprise to me. Being busy with our life, I can hardly keep track with most reward programme but Asiatravel.com does it automatically ! Keep up the good work.
Mr Vladislav Kokuev
Incredible!!! Money has really returned!!! I can not believe in it!!! Thank you!!!
Hello I would like to thank you for this service that makes browsing more to increase
Mr Roshan Thimmaiah
I appreciate the Asiatravel Cash Reward Program, not only customer's continue to avail the 'Hot Deals', it is a "Great Deal" to be Rewarded as part of the 'ACRP Deal' Thanks to the Asiatravel Team for making this interesting and rewarding!
Mr morteza mahmoudieh
Hi. This is a good opportunity to thank Asia travel for their excellent service and their Rewards. This %5 cash reward is a nice program and it is a good way to keep the customers by giving them something extra. I just couldn’t quite understand how they calculate this reward. This is what Asia travel say in its site: For Hotel Bookings - Receive a 5% Cash Reward every time you reach 12 materialized room nights** within the span of 6 months from the 1st check-in date and 3% if the 12th room night is achieved after 6 months. I had a total of 19 nights: I had 10 nights worth 6812.5 Dirham which is over 6 month so it is %3 6812.5 x 0.03=204.4 And I had 9 nights worth of 2580.85within the 6 months so it is %5 2580.85x 0.05=129.04 Now the total is 333.44 204.4+129.04= 333.44 While what I am getting back is SG Dollar 91.67 which I think it is equal to 268 Dirham. I was wonder how that is count not that it really matters to me. But thanks any way. Best regards Morteza Mahmoudieh
Shelley Tan
The cash reward program is an attractive reward, encourage user to make more reservation online with Asiatravel instead of buying package tour.
thank you so much for the cash rewards received.it's been a long time am using asia travel on our trips,you can trust and rely on them.and thank you for ACRP program,it means a lot tome,again thank you
Lynn Chua
Indeed your service was excellent! Customer service was wonderful. Keep it up Asia Travel! Your are indeed Bravo!!!!
Mr M Sritheran
It's a fantastic offer make feel happier.i was not convinced about the cash back offer when I booked fmy rooms, but now I am happy to have delt with a trusted travel company. My future bookings will always with Asia Travels. Sritheran
Dear Asiatravel, Thank you indeed for cash reward that you gave to me. Its a great pleasure so traveling with your services and assist, its made my holiday more easier and cheaper. Great success for asiatravel...
Hello, No special coments for my different trips during 2011/2012. Everything works perfectly. Thanks for your service. Regards Stephan Bauer
Mr Paul Low
Thank you for the cash reward received. It is a good program, free and easy for your loyal customers to enjoy in surprise. Asiatravel has been very reliable and trusted. It is important for Asiantravel to ensure customers are well and fairly received at the hotel check in counters. Paul Low
Shanda Vignette Cruz
I am truly pleased that Asia Travel provided immediate feedback on my request and understanding the situation rather than just following the rules straight forward. I am so happy to get the rewards for our Singapore Tour! We enjoyed the tours that were run so efficiently and on top of that I get cash rewards! I could not ask for more. We are booking thru asia travel for our next family trip! Thank you again for being so considerate.
Very good scheme !! However, please continue to strive towards providing competitive prices & not using this very good reward program as a gimmick.
Asia Travel thank customers for their trust and I'm a fan of you and forward with my thanks and appreciation to you
Mr Syed Basharat Aziz
Double Treat, First you get good value for money by booking hotels at reasonable rates and then this Cash Reward back to you.
Mr Gopinath Radhakrishnan
The website and your customer service is excellent and very satisfied. I am happy to do booking with asia travel. Other than cash reward asia travel offers good package and discounts for hotel booking.
sandeep grover
good job.keep it up!
It is definitely a very good idea to reward 'loyal' customers & I will certainly stick to your company when I need to travel buying airtickets & hotel rooms. Thank you for the nice gesture.
It is very good for this Cash Reward which bring me a surprise! Asiatravel is my first choice in Asia now. I also recommend this web to friends and colleagues as can as possible.
Mr Gerry Asuncion
The Asiatravel Cash Reward Program is easy to attain. you will surely received the due rewards for you at the earliest time. The Asiatravel Cash Reward Program is useful for your next Hotel booking transaction with the Asiatravel as it benefits us similar to a discount coupon or gift certificate.
Mr Von Ryan Nagasangan
This is my 2nd reward. Great job Asiatravel!
Mr Jassim Al Qayed
Thank you for the email, As i mentioned earlier that the card were furnished to you was debit card and not credit card. And regarding the previous cash reward, has not been credited into my account. please let me know if you need my credit card in future instead of debit card. Thank you very much for your support.
Ms Shirley Arandia
I thought that it was just a marketing ploy at first. I know that I have reached the 12 nights booking, but I keep seeing a message that I do not have the required confirmed booking to be eligible for the Cash Reward. Turns out that we just have to be patient. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a confirmation that my account was credited with Cash from AsiaTravel.com. Thank you for the advance Christmas gift! :)
I was a little dubious when I received an email asking for my credit card details. I went online and checked it all out to make sure it was legitimate. I have now received the credit amount on my credit card so I'm really happy! I usually book my accommodation through you guys as its always convenient with great room prices. The added bonus of the cash reward program will certainly encourage me to make all my bookings through you. Thanks very much!!
Ms Tricia Marquez
Truly rewarding. This is absoluely better than other reward programs online. I'm very satisfied. :)
Mr Fahad Alyamani
Kartika Andriani
Great Program .....keep creative on creating loyalty program for your customer like this.
Mr Samir Mairif
Thanks you very much for all the your reply , i find the CR process very smoth and easy to use , 100% next summer i will book via asiatravel inchallah. Regards Samir.
Mr Abdullahi Salihu
The cash Reward Program is real. Keep the Good working. Cheers
its real and i am so happy. thanks Asiatravel.com
Mr Tobias Hofmann
Thumbs up!
Mr Frengky Manuru
these is goog program
Everything ok.
Stewart Rix
A great idea. Thank you Stewart A Rix
Ms Dosy Agustin
I am so satisfied with this program. At the beginning I am not so sure that you will keep your promise to send me the reward, I thought it's only just a promotion. But so surprised you informed me that you will credit my reward in money, and I haven't found this way at other booking online (usually other companies only give us limited voucher or discount). I will keep on booking my travelling needs to your company and won't try to others anymore! Asiatravel is the best!
Mr Nguyen Gia Hien
Thanks for your reward, We happy to use your service of hotel booking when have business trips or family vacation, and will continue to use in future. Truly yours, Nguyen Gia Hien
Mr Gary Garber
You have a good website and excellant customer service whenever I have ever needed to call or e-mail. Apart from the Grand President in Bangkok and Paradise Resort in Koh Chang, both of which I book direct, I have been booking all of my Thailand hotel requirements through Asia Travel for many years. So the cash reward program is a welcome "thank you" for that loyalty. Many thanks, Gary Garber
Mr William Sum
we did not expect any cash-back reward when we made the booking of our hotel. It is kind of a windfall and the payback to our credit card came so fast after we left the hotel. This is the 3rd time we take advantage of your service.
Asia Travel is an excellent B2C website,with more than 5000 hotels to choose from,excellent IT infra,and an excellent back-end infra. Wish Asia ravel great success to come in the coming years.
Bermard Schindelholz
This was the first time this year that I used Asiatravel to book the hotel for my vacation in the Philippines and Hong Kong. I was favorably surprised the get a very answer / update / confirmation of our bookings and I never had any problem with the hotels while checking-in. I would suggest that the description of hotel would be more accurate as my familly and I were a bit disappointed with some hotels : location of the hotel (Bohol), Size of the superior room (Kowloon hotel HKG). But, all in all, I am satisfied and would recommand the site to my friends. (I already made some other booking for my daughter who is flying to Boracay in December 2011). I was also surprsed to receive the e-mail concerning the ACRP : unlike other industries who are giving miles or points, the reward is immediate. Thanks you Asisatravel. Looking forward to make other booking, with my best regards, Bernard Schindelholz
Ms Susilowati Wibawa
I have received cash reward from Asiatravel. I never thought would get that cash reward; because some travel agent usually promise only. Asiatravel provides the best service and deals with a very easy, no penalty if canceled, the way it makes me comfortable when a transaction with Asiatravel. Thanks a lot for my cash reward from Asiatravel. Once again, I was be glad to get that cash reward. regards Susilowati Wibawa (Jakarta - Indonesia)
Stephen Cox
I got my cash reward credited to my account very quickly. Thanks. This is a great program for rewarding your clients and I will definitely use AsiaTravel.com again to book my future holidays. Thanks for the convenient and reliable service you provide.
Jacob Oen
The Asiatravel Cash Reward is a good loyalty program. Please consider to give more rewards (say: additional 3-5%) if customers have reached 2 or more consecutive required nights within six months.
Ms Aishah khan
i am really grateful for this.I think it is a good attraction.Thanks
John Lynch
In this day and age with prices seemingly always increasing,its great to have a program like Asiatravel Cash Reward where you get some money back by booking your travel arrangements with you.The service is extremely good and I will continue to use Asia Travel.
Khoo Hock Leong
Dear AsiaTravel desk Manager, Thank you for the cash reward and this is my first time receiving it which I find very rewarding to use this website to book hotels and others . My sincere congratulations!! Regards, jerrykhoohockleong.
Mr mohammed al raddadi
Ba.s. beautiful idea of ​​shared rewards and wished to develop into the best
Mr Saif Almuslahi
feed back for cash reward 1.the reward should not have limited time and expire date to claim. 2.Should give option between claim the reward and to redeem with booking a room on selected Hotel. 3.The cash reward should not have limited amount, it should be continue growing up till the reward deicide to claim it by himself. 4.Notification e mail should be sent to the member after each booking, showing grow up his/ her reward.
agita nusapati
sweet deal.... how about more discount for loyal customer..
Mr Mohammed Alsafar
very excellent and brilliant way
Richelle B. Acuna
this is a plus factor from your agency aside from excellent services.pleasure doing business with you.until our next transaction booking!!!!hope you will continue this